Favorite Things

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Starbucks Coffee. Cheesecakes. Warm fuzzies and mysterious notes. Journal entries and long distance phone calls. Love Letters. Deep baritone and touching poetry. Cooking together in the evenings. Snuggling in with late night talks. Brown Shawl and Long Walks. My Lord and Myself. Comforting looks and random kisses. Red dress and the dance floor. Writing with all my heart. Sweet smiles and mischievous winks. Sleeping in on Sundays. Picture pendants and wedding rings. Fingers caressing my hair and sleepy eyes. CHARMED. Secret songs and unshared memories. Downtown Washington. Late nights and an old book. The Notebook and You’ve Got Mail. Urdu Literature Books. Amar-Bail & Teary Eyes. Subway and iPod. River side and quiet hours. Intense Passion. Old photographs. Henna Tattos and the color RED. Small surprises. Birthday gifts. Watching you while you sleep. Polo Shirts and high heels. Kitchen floor and ballroom dancing. Snuggling in with Phoebe. Long walks and the beach. Kisses - lots of kisses. The smell of the ground before it starts to rain. Dark room with classical music. Iced tea or just plain water. MSN. Holding hands. Valentines day. RED ROSES!!

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things.


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