I Thank You, Lord.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sometimes, life feels good. I think life is good. It is always good. It's just that at times we turn bad. We complain too much. We envy others. We stress out and screw up a lot of things that could have easily been avoided, and then we start feeling sorry for ourselves . The moment we start feeling sorry about ourselves is the moment we make ourselves vulnerable to all the wrongs and open doors for various sorts of depressions to come and haunt us.

Depression is just like the ocean. We think we know it well, we know about the tide and we know about the waves. And it doesn’t matter if you’re having fun at a safe distance; sometimes it just catches you off-guard. When you least expect it, this giant waves pulls you back where it’s deep and your feet can’t touch the ground. Sometimes the wave is so strong it pulls you under water and your strength is nothing compared to nature’s viciousness.

But, there are always a lot of things to look forward to in life. I wonder why we just don’t. We just stare too long at the door that is closed and we never know the thousand other better doors that have been opened for us and in the end we end up blaming our luck or worse yet, blaming God for putting us in such a position. We are so ungrateful.

I will confess that I have been ungrateful even though I promised the Lord that I wouldn’t be. I know He did so much for me, and I still have been ungrateful. When He did miracles for me, I thanked him for the moment and moved on, and not long after, I was thinking, don’t I just have talent or what? I have the most attractive personality and I am the most successful person among my peers.
The truth is I don’t deserve any of this.
Do we ever deserve anything or is it all divine blessing? I wonder.

Keeping different types of people and perspectives in mind, I think it totally depends on your faith. It depends how much you believe and how much are you willing to risk. I, for one, have a lot of faith. I believe… with all my heart.

… and I think that is why my Lord drags me out of all the bad things eventually even if I am being ungrateful. He brings good people in front of me and He provides me comfort.

So… life is good. I am feeling good. Everyone around me is good. Studies are going well. I am getting a chance to catch up with old friends. Parents are doing well. My one and only is not sick anymore. My friends are there for me when I need them. Fun trips are being planned every other day. I am all smiles.
It's the little things that makes life worth it, right? It's the little things that bring about the greatest satisfaction.
I hope you all stop today and think about the little things in life. Think. Smile. Thank.
And for once, I am THANKFUL.
Are you?

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  1. yeah i am. though i confess that i do complain ever too often saying "why me"? but lately it has also dawned upon me that "thank god its me." i thank him for living the life i do.

    that was lovely and refreshing raaji :).

  2. hey the trick is.. life does leave with the short end of the stick at times.. adn den you fall.... it'll hurt.. but den... get upu recuperate.. and den come back to enjoy life... the best idol for me is the Phoenix bird!! it dies, and den rises from it's own ashes!!

  3. Yes Raaji.. I am.. Every day is a blessing..

  4. VipersAndFalcons3:14 AM

    I have to say it is quite an inspirational piece of writing to which many can relate... I am happy with my life and quite content with what I have, I just make sure that I am always braced for the worst, for there have been times when I wasn't and that brought out the worst in me, so now... I roll up my happy moments and keep them in places where I can see them... but just a little... I think God expects us to come up with ways to best sit in the exam of life.

  5. finally someone who agrees !

  6. yes! I am thankful now after sinking into that ocean of depression I have learned how to be thankful to my God :)

  7. we should be thankfull to our allmighty for what he had given us and what not

  8. bang on. insha allah, you r right

  9. Hmmm...u seem to have caught me in that same mode of being in the endless sea of depression...and now u made me wonder y am i here...inspiring post....i m looking fwd to the open doors now instaed of staring at the closed ones..and being thankful too...god bless you.tk care

  10. I just love you for writing this! Amen to your words:]

  11. WE dont deserve it IF we just go on complaing and whining.

    GREAT POST anyways.

  12. as I read
    raaji’s blog
    somewhere I saw
    thru the smog

    that a few
    little girls
    got sold

    a school boy
    with a gun for a toy
    shot his buddies
    really and truly

    and my turn
    is next
    as we gang rape
    the earth
    again and


    god who?
    and you

    and what we

  13. i thank you for sharing yourself with us, i admire the qualities that you as a person must possess in order to be able to think so objectively and to be ever so optimistic.
    i cherish what i have and even though i often begin to complain to god for what i dont have or what i lose... i am quick to stop myself.. because i know i still have a lot to lose, only that i never realize what i have until i lose it..
    i am not sure what i am saying is making any sense.. bottom line.. i am happy because i have more reasons to be this way than i have to be sad... alhamdulillah

  14. it reminds of a quote..
    if u think the world has turned its back on u.. look again.. its probably u who has turned ur back on them!!..
    very nice post..


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