Life is Funny [36]

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have seen these before, and hopefully liked these quotes too. If you are new to the blog, these are true quotes and incidents from the people I interact with.  Please feel free to dig into the archives by clicking on “Funny Quotes” on the menu bar above.  I hope you have as much fun reading them as I have compiling them.  Thank you for sharing with me my silly life.

Don't fall for the British accent. It’s just the same B.S. that gets said over here; it just sounds different.
-Joe, giving last minute advise for visiting Europe. 

How did the parents of hogwarts not file a lawsuit? With giant snakes, spiders, and escaped convicts running rampant, its breeding grounds of litigation action.

You should have already done your first draft yourself.  The first drafts are those hideous things that should never see the light of day. Don’t let them leave your laptop.
-Professor, about starting our thesis

How does an 'A' paper make me feel? It makes me feel good about you, and confident in you, and then it keeps getting depressing from there. B, C, D… and then an F paper is… you are dead to me.
-the same professor, on grading.

Me: What can you do when someone's car alarm starts and blares for the whole damn night?
Jenn: Sledgehammer. There is not a jury in the world that would convict.
-after staying up most of the night because of that alarm.

Every year more and more countries are allowing more and more people to marry whoever they want to marry... or whoever they can get to marry them.
-Bee, on gay marriage 

So what happens now? Does anyone remember this from last year? *Silence* Does anyone remember last year at all?
- Finance Professor, while explaining a concept we learned (or should have learned) during our first year

We are on a house fly hunting mission. There are three house flies in my kitchen. If you see them, you show them no mercy.
-the instructions my friend received upon entering my apartment.

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  1. Professor quotes are my fav

  2. I love these :) gotta love funny professors. Have a beautiful day.

    1. Yes, they are the best :-)

  3. love these :} here is one from me :

    me to a couple making horrible eating noise behind my seat in the hall while Gravity has just begun screening:

    "can you guys be a little quiet and easy on the eating here?? there are millions of dollars that have been spent on the sound recording, engineering, mastering and composition for this one helluva movie and that can be enjoyed way much more than you enjoy the sound of your own self eating nachos overlapping the sound of the film !!

    1. hehe.

      That movie is awesome! I would smack anyone who would distract me while watching Gravity!!

    2. beautiful film right...lost in space :)

    3. It makes me feel so grateful for my life, and my feet on the ground :-)

  4. you are surrounded with some very interesting people!

    1. I keep thinking that too :-)

  5. I love these posts =)

    1. Thanks! Glad you like them :-)

  6. =D.. Lucky to have friends like this.. Always make you laugh

  7. You are surrounded by such awesome people. I always love your funny quotes :D


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