Monday, January 18, 2010

Life is Funny (15)

*real incidents and quotes from the crazy little thing called life.. enjoy :-)*

"Ok, you guys, good job today... make sure you do your readings for the next class... there is a lot more sex involved in those.”
- Religion Professor at the end of class, after a heated discussion of weird sexual practices in various religions.

Emily: Thanks for coming by. I monkeyed around with the thermostat for about an hour before I realized it was the intercom.
Raaji: Yeah, I heard you swearing downstairs.
-on figuring out the new apartment

Sorry, Did I say 'sucked?' I forgot we're in the age of peace, love and bubbles now, and we can't say anything that may offend or hurt delicate feelings. So I apologize for using the word ‘sucked’ in my assessment of the movie. I'm really sorry the movie sucked.
-really mad at sitting through an awful movie.

Anthropology Professor: "In many cultures it’s ok to have relations with 1st cousins. You know that hot cousin everyone has, well they're fair game at the family reunion in other countries."

"I can't get swine flu, I dont eat pork."
random girl in the library

My best friend (who is a guy) leaves me a voice-mail:
“Hey, Raaji, was wondering what you are up to.... I am out shopping with my sister.... ummm... save me?!”

Man, I think I just got myself into a relationship.
-Rachel, totally dazed

M: How close are you to finishing the essay?
R: As close as I was when I got the prompt.
M: That's what I like to hear.
R: If I could remember how many times that exact same thing has happened me...
M: Haha.
R: What time is your paper due?
M: Yesterday.
-Talking in a computer lab over the internet two computers away from each other at 4AM 

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  1. hahaha

    My best friend (who is a guy) leaves me a voice-mail:
    “Hey, Raaji, was wondering what you are up to.... I am out shopping with my sister.... ummm... save me?!”

  2. ha ha ha...
    Nice one....


  3. :D :D :D
    Good one!!!

  4. :D :D :D
    Good one!!!

  5. hahhaaa...amazing..these cracked me up!

  6. you made me smile a big smile :D

  7. You just gotta love these posts. :)

  8. heheheee.. funny circle u have ;)

  9. Haha lovely post..left me rolling, keep going :)

  10. Raaji: Lovely post yar... Its keep rolling me the way how you wrote... Loll: sometimes I have the same funny thing but we go over on it... :)

  11. Ha ha...this one had me in splits.

  12. well, dats really funny :)


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