Life is Funny (16)

Monday, February 22, 2010

At Brunch....
Emily: Eggs, are they, like, dead chickens?
Rob: No, they're just unfertilized.
Sarah: ...So it's like eating ovaries.
Raajii: (dropping her fork on the plate), Thank you for ruining my breakfast!
-Brunch, anyone?

I love that I get to go to so many overseas places with my friends, like Canada.
Sarah, why do blondes have to do this to themselves?

Raaji: My baby is getting sick. He waits for me all day in scorching heat and by the time I come to him, it seems like he has 103 C temperature and he shivers. Do you think I should buy something to cover him up?
-Taking love with her car a little too far :-)

Religion Professor: "When we read the letters in the Bible, we're basically reading someone's mail. Now, in the US this is a federal offense. But biblical scholars call it Scripture."

In class discussing moral issues, some one has just listed adultery, and with the intent to add it to the list the professor asked, "What do you call sex before marriage again?"
A random girl in class: AWESOME!

Raaji: So what do you think about the iPad?
Shan: Ipad... well its like the iPhone on steroids

Professor to the last couple of students who were finishing their final:
"If you don't know it by now, you will never ever know it."

Political Science Professor: Are there any graduating seniors in here? Well you can choose to not take the final and take whatever your grade is now as your final grade *the only senior in class gets up and leave* As for the rest of you scrubs, good luck.

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Hahaha awesomeness..Little moments like these make it worth living :)

  3. @ Aeish

    I am glad you are enjoying them ;-)

  4. hahaha iphone on steroids....
    cant stop laughing

  5. hahahaa, these random talks always crack me up..good one!

    Here is one..

    Prof: "What holiday is coming up again?"
    Student: "Family day, Valentine's day.."
    Prof: "Oh right. Note to self: buy porn."

    Prof: Is anyone here from Uzbekistan?
    * No one answers*
    Prof: Ok then let's say we're in Uzbekistan...

    Have a great week ahead! ;)

  6. @Aman

    Hehe, these are funny... thank you for sharing :-).

  7. iphone on steroids...awesome!!! LOL

  8. First time here and enjoyed it...:)

  9. lol!

    Taking love with her car a little too far

  10. @ Americanising Desi,

    hehe... I do love my car a lot! :-)

  11. lols .. Good ones Raaji,,

    guess il be thinking of ovaries too, next time i have a egg :P ....

  12. @ Charmed one
    Yes, that was the worst one! :-). I can never look at eggs the same way... hehe

  13. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww..... for the eggs!
    Car is understandable ;)

    Love your religious Prof and the random girl :) :)

    Didn't understand the "fork bit" :s

    Life as we know it, hilarious.

  14. I bet u didn't finish your breakfast! :P


  15. love em all!! :)

  16. O....K!
    Next time i have eggs ..this line of yours is going haunt me for sure :P

  17. @ Usha

    The 'Fork' is the continuity of the first incident, they are not separate :-)

  18. awesome.
    i loved the car one especially.:)
    u must be twotally in love wd ur car than nethng else...!!

  19. @adrija

    Hehe...yes I am but it is not that bad :-P

  20. waah! what a time to drop by ur blog - i luv dis series...

    nywy, 2 wrds - loved it!!! each of those were hilarious...

    @ eggs: am a vegan - but still eeewww! it must be hard 4 all u guys next time ;) he hee..

    @ tamil learning - thts grt :) am a tamilian too u know ;) but i actly din get "Impress Shan 101"...

    i kno u r sayin "duh" but i seriously din get it :/

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. @ Sulo Badri
    Well "Shan" is the romantic interest who happens to be tamil. So my best friends were making fun of me for trying to learn tamil now that I have an interest in someone. They were implying that I am taking a 100-level course in learning "Shan".


    I hope it makes sense. It is more of an inside joke between us friends :-)

  23. oh lol - now i get it... am sure u r getting a lot bullied by ur frens for dis... :) ;)

  24. d the 1st one abt brunch...yr "love for yr car"....n the "sex before marriage" and "impress Shan 101"...hilarious

  25. n raaj - i rly think u can try to send this series 4 print... am sure a lot mny ppl wil cash into this...

    its lik watchin friends - no jokin... u can probably hav a mthly editorial or somthng... ;)

  26. @ Sulo

    Hehe... thank you! I shall look into that :-)

    @guy alone
    thank you sir. You know how we roll... and good to see you back on my blog :-)

  27. Ha ha.....had a gud laugh. Egg one was eggilicious.....eeww :b

  28. This is funny stuff!! :D

    Scribblers Inc.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. ahahahaha. dear, you made my day. hope you have a good one!

    just do the "impress shan 101" there's a lot to learn! :)

  31. Those were funny...
    Iphone### can't stop laughing!!

  32. Each one of them is really 'really' witty. Loved reading them all.

  33. LOL!
    these are awesome!
    Eating ovaries is the best :P

  34. Ha ha ha...thanks for ruining my breakfast...!

    and it's just AWESOME!

    funny post dear! i didn't know ur also a rib-tickler!!!


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