Life is Funny [32]

Friday, January 06, 2012

For your entertainment, following are a few conversations with the wonderful people in my life... :-)  

On the phone...
Raaji: You look thinner in the photograph!
S: I look thinner in real life too.

Tom: Dude, you're lazy.
Joe: I prefer the term "motivationally challenged".

"Never again will I reply to a work email with "regards" because the letter g and t are too close together."

My Supervisor about a staff member...
Yeah, she is not coming in today. She said she has a stomach ache. I told her, that's called a hangover.


How long do you have to keep it in?
-Milton, on contemplating to take the hot wings challenge.

Raaji: Ok, I lost my thought of train.
Marvin: train... of... thought?
Raaji: Yeah, that.
- it was one long night during finals  week.

Faz: So what is with you and sleep these days?
 Raaji: They have this new grass cutting machine which sounds as if a helicopter is flying over your head, and then they start cutting the grass so early in the morning right outside my building, so I am not getting any sleep.
 Faz: And how early in the morning is that?
 Raaji:  Umm... around 11:30 a.m.

“Ok when you're famous, remember us small people”
-Emily, looking at my photography
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  1. Never again will I reply to a work email with "regards" because the letter g and t are too close together.----> ROFL xD

    And the 'thought of train' happens to me too except I say 'mind of frame' when I'm exhausted xD

  2. You indeed make me smile :D

    And retarts :P

    Love these convos of urs :D :D

  3. @Areesha

    That is really funny :-)

    @Lady Whispers

    Thank you. Glad I made you smile :-)

  4. You are such a doll :)

    You know, how much ever I try, I kill the humour while reiterating the fun quotes...You are so good and it always brings a smile on my face...

    Happy 2012 <3

  5. Aww... I am glad, Chintan ;)

  6. haha:) people are in desperate need of friends like you. and role models:)
    very, very funny.

  7. I followed you home, and because I did started my day smiling. Love this and thank you.

  8. Oh this was a good laugh indeed.

    Regards. ;)

  9. "Never again will I reply to a work email with "regards" because the letter g and t are too close together."


  10. i pick up the retards joke as my fav

  11. hehe loved them :)

  12. Haha, funny.
    Love the regards one. :-p

  13. Enjoyed reading the quotes :) Sply the grass cutting machine one ;)

  14. Ahahahaha. I want these people. Heh. Hilarious stuff.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. hahaha the 'regards' one is damn funny.


    I love this whole series of 'life is funny' . Its one of my favorites in your blog:P

  17. yeah Raajii, as emily said, please remember us when you become famous :)

  18. @Ali Adnan,

    Aww... thank you :-)


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