[9] Sunday

Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's been snowing since the new year's day, and now we are perpetually covered under a thick blanket of white fluff, which will soon turn into ice, and we'll break some bones at some point or another. Any hopes of spring are completely crushed, and most people are just snowed in, hiding in their houses. But not me, when people go in, I come out.

As I make my way through the porch and into the street, I feel the silence. This street, these houses are never as quiet as they are tonight. It is as if everything has just stopped for a moment. The air, the leaves, the birds, the crickets, and other bugs, and most surprisingly, the people. I walk by the same houses I walk by all the time, mostly peeking in - looking at women cooking in the kitchen and kids watching TV in the lounge - but tonight it seems as if there is no one behind these walls; as if everyone is either asleep or sitting quietly respecting this transformation of the season, and bowing down to the laws of nature - or perhaps they are all in as much awe as I am.

I suppose that's the whole point of the snow: it pauses everything. When it falls, take a breath, and then hold that breath to marvel at it's beauty; to acknowledge it's power. I suppose this is nature's way to tell us to calm down, to breathe, to reflect, to just pause, even if for a moment, but to just slow down. My, oh my. What a miracle this snow is.

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  1. I so wanted it to snow here...but no luck as yet! :(

  2. I think the anticipation is the best part. Don't worry, it'll come it's meant to :-)

  3. My oh my..you paint a miracle with your words ..and yes take a breathe and pause..:)
    Take care Raajii

  4. @the other side of me

    Aww, thank you :-)

  5. We desperately wait for snow, and when it arrives, we curse it! I like fresh snow, but can't bear the aftermath! The ice that makes us skate dance without any training!!

  6. Isn't snow good sometimes in life?:)
    Updated my blog.

  7. I want the snow here too :(
    Other than snow the words describe what weather I'm experiencing here.Isn't winter just beautiful?? :) <3

  8. Wish could have snowing here in my part of world some day too..:))


  9. How about I post photos for you all? Especially those who are wishing for snow. I wonder if that would help... :-)

  10. Anonymous12:20 PM

    have you deleted the blog on urdu shayari??i want to read it...

  11. a smile is the best comment on ur posts...:)

  12. @Anonymous,

    Sadly, yes. I don't think I can manage both :-(

  13. Anonymous12:05 PM

    aww it was more interesting

  14. In this fast paced life, we often forget to pause and look at how beautiful the world is. Guess this is God's way of providing us a chance to appreciate life , with all its paraphernalia


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