[2] Funny Valentine

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So this is how it works: I listen quietly when couples talk, and if I get lucky, I make them forget that I am in the room at all. Following is what you get when a writer knows too many couples. Needless to say, X is a woman and Y is a man -- I have to maintain their privacy :-).

Y: Dinner on Valentine's Day is at 6 so plan accordingly.
X: Dress up?
Y: If you don't then it would be weird.
X: Am I coming down there to you?
Y: Yes, and no more questions. I already feel you know too much.
-On confusing surprises

X to Y: So if I go and make out with a girl, that would technically not be cheating right?

X to Y (showing him new curtains in the living room): Now this is what I call a surprise, not the one that you gave me yesterday - Oh, the AC is fixed, that you didn't even do yourself!!

[At a home decoration store, picking out a bed-sheet set for Y - looking at a checkered black and white bed-sheet set]
Y: I like it but its a little too much like a bachelor, right?
X: Its kind of something you'd see in a guys room who brings a different girl over every night.
Y: Yeah, you're right..... ummm... but...*pauses* 
Y: Its Okay. You can keep coming over.

[During an argument]

X: Yeah teach that to the next wife!
Y: Yeah, it's all about trial and error.

[While putting his head on her lap, and being cheesy]
Y: You see now, even if someone were to give me a million dollars, I won't get up from your lap
X: If someone were to give you a million dollars for getting up, I will kick your off of me right now!

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  1. LOL..but anyways the cake belongs to the couple at the home decoration store :)

  2. Interesting! :)


  3. Haha I loved the last one. It was a fun read! =)

  4. Y: Yeah, it's all about trial and error.

    >> LOL .. loved it ! :D

  5. Had fun reading it. :)

  6. OMG what cute :)
    I did a cute convo post too...visit my blog when u free...and visit the new link in profile this time :P

    Happy V day ...hope urs was great :)

  7. ha ha ah lovely conversation .. .made me laugh and smile Thank you :)


  8. I am glad you enjoyed these :-)

  9. All about Trial and error. Lol :-) Loved it :-)

  10. lol....the rocky road to love....(never mind fame!)

  11. LOL, this is something interesting.

  12. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Lol.....It's love.

  13. Awe! LOL Very amusing chit chats :)

  14. Anonymous2:33 PM

    like the last one :D :D

  15. i liked the last two:P =D lol

  16. Lol,, interesting and funny post. Love it



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