Sunday, February 14, 2016

Snow & Sadness

There was nothing in the forecast about snow on Sunday up until yesterday. But here it is, Sunday afternoon and I can't see a thing outside my window. Such thick fall of white insanity covering everything in sight. I should have known - what is Valentine's day without snow. I don't remember a Valentine's day without a little snow, and I don't remember a Valentine's day without a little sadness.

I remember one time when I was in college, it snowed so much that all classes were cancelled on the morning of February 14. That was a good start to Valentine's day for most of us. Then another year it was such a bad blizzard that those overpriced flower deliveries never made it to their recipients.  Then another time, I was an hour late for dinner because the traffic was horrendous with the sudden onset of snow.

I also remember all sadness of Valentine's day. And that sadness doesn't come with a lack of a partner or the wrong partner. Oh, none of that. It's because it's all so forced. The forced flowers, the forced dinner, the forced chocolates that I don't even like, the unavailability of dinner reservation and the pressure to get one. Perhaps the snow tries to cover the pretentiousness of it all but fails miserably every year. I hate things being forced on me. Love, of all things. Love should never be forced. It wouldn't be loved then. Valentine's day has become just so sad.


  1. Valentines for me is a reminder to give like e...I don't mind it even though I'm single... I think we all need reminders that we should love more.

    I understand where you are coming from though the commercialism is quite sad. We normally have snow for it too ♡

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  3. The repetitiveness,the expected things,the lack of innovation tend to rob the charm of anything and it is so with Valentine's Day too.Remember snow is not abnormal in some places at this part of the year.

  4. I have some beautiful memories of valentines day.. and SNOW when where we did not get any here and now i am sad :(


  5. you are so true, love that is forced is like paper flower that will crumble by time.

  6. What a different perspective on valentines day

  7. Though people do but here in my country Pakistan, its not much appreciated to try openly for a valentine and all. But I like the concept. So, that day, I didn't have any girl to wish. So, there was a girl who only recently became my fb friend, I never saw her. Just casually I wished her a valentine. She unfriended immediately. I got slightly upset. But then I thought, I shouldn't be. What wrong I did by simply sending an emoticon of flower or just wishing her? I don't think I deserve to die for simply being kind? So, I thought that what people do is none of my business. I cannot control people. But I should do what I like. And as long as I don't hurt people, I am fine. And, its better to be selfish at times. Its better to do whatever we want. And its better to let people do whatever they want, even if they don't want to be good to us. Just let people be...

  8. Your articles and contents are encouraging. An Unstoppable Life

  9. Be it love or anything else, however beautiful it maybe,out of force is unwelcoming...


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