Could Spring Be Far Behind??

Friday, January 11, 2008

“Life is indeed a mystical blend of flowers and thorns”.

If I sit down for a moment and ponder over my past years, I reminisce grief-stricken, moments as well as times which I will cherish forever. I have had a fair share of happiness and sorrow, winning and losing, success and failure, and I believe I am no exception.

Everyone, who is anyone, shares the same reality with me, whether he or she admits it or not. But, very so often, we tend to forget our blessings and remember every small fragment of injustice. This is human. But there is indeed no point in being-crest fallen and blaming luck, if one looks at it from an unbiased point of view.

However, what really hurts, what really stings deep into our hearts and causes tears to flow from our eyes, is actually when we work profoundly and give in our optimum in any task or project and still no one acknowledges it. No one is there to applaud our priceless efforts. No one. Can one believe it? We stand there in disbelief. Waiting for some words of encouragement and praise, but Alas! Nothing happens…

Is it not sardonic? Many a times life does this to us. It passes us not even noticing that we exist, not even bothering to notice, as if it is mocking at us. I wonder why?
But then again, have you ever ruminated and thought why we need such appreciation? Should we really crave for such acknowledgements knowing that it is coming from a world which has yet to distinguish between sense and nonsense? Aristotle said, “ Dignity does not exist in possessing honors but in deserving them”.
To me, knowing that I deserve is sufficient. And when I feel as if I am not being praised enough, I read this poem by Walt Whitman,

“I exist as I am, that is enough,
If no one in the world be aware, I sit content
One world is aware (and by far the largest to me) and that is myself;
And whether I come to my own today,
Or in ten thousand or ten million years…
I can cheerfully take it now;
Or with equal cheerfulness…
I can wait.”

I strongly believe that life keeps giving you tears and sorrows, and then unexpectedly rewards you with happiness and a reason to smile which is worth all your tears… all your sorrows. So, meanwhile, then shouldn’t we all just cheerfully wait??

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  1. hey! that is so true man. the fact that sometimes we feel life is mocking us.
    Sometimes dunno y, but a whole day seems messed up and bad, from start to end. Theres nuthn u can put the balme on, we just have to take it as it comes.
    Its like, sometimes life makes u aware of her presence.
    When u dont get praise ehich u very much deserve is also somethin on the same lines, i feel.

    U know, i thot about all this too, and i think that all thee things are what make life enjoyable. If u keep on havin great days, and everythin keeps on happening accordin to ur expectations, life will bcome a bit drab wont it?
    But this is just what I feel.

    The fact of life is, enjoy life with all the ups and downs it throws at u. At the end of the day, being happy is most important rite?

  2. you mirrored my thoughts. sometimes I feel that however hard I try at work tis never ever good enough. i wonder what would be good enough for that matter. but yeah i keep hoping that someday it shall get better.but raaji it is incredibly difficult to be optimistic sometimes. even if i try to i am not being able to see the half full glass today. sigh!

  3. hi Raaji

    this blog has fallen me to think seriouly that everybody is having own share of Happiness, Griefs, enjoyments. We just have to appreaicate everytime whether its a good or bad.. coz this is just bcoz of bad that u knw d meaning of good.

  4. hey raaji so true....

    to make this work all i do is change the way i say your last para....if you rewrite it "life keeps giving us happiness and reasons to smile......and then unexpectedly gives us sorrows and tears which can be easily overcome by reverting back to happy moments...."

  5. nisha1:15 PM

    very true....

  6. Hi Raaji,
    In the proper time, you will realize that you need the praise of God more than the praises of men. Those who seek men's praises will always be disappointed and frustrated in life because men's praises are empty and illusory. They are short lived and will not last very long. What we must seek is the approval of God for then we will receive His rewards at the end of the day. Thanks for the deep post. You are on the right track my friend. God bless and have a wonderful and peaceful day always.

  7. you are right yara the biggest hurt seems that after trying your best and working to the best of your abilities...everything seems to go in vain but hey i LOVED the poem when you are satisfied from inside with ur efforts then why there is a need of the cruel world outside..allla post :)

  8. hmm well thats life isnt it? and we all seem to have complaints against it...:)
    but i also see optimism in this post which is the sign of a survivor...

    keep the faith!

  9. well, penning down such a post at 2.09 am.. tells me all about how, what u mean from it.

    a gr8 post, incredible flow of thoughts complemented by apt words made it take the detour from d mundanity.

    worth reading it twice or more.. as even i feel im one with d same stands. but, yes d word "WAIT" isnt dat simple as it seems, it takes something big, pain may be, time.. etc. but at d end i wish u wud make it worth by ending up on the shore u always longing to reach . all d best miss...

  10. This is reality!

    Though life may not always go as you planned or desired, you will always have something real and meaningful to show for it.Every experience is an experience in which a new and valuable truth is revealed.

    Just enjoy the ride of life..for you know what's the best achievement you had, regardless pple acknowledgement...

    ..but of coz,it's gr8 to receive genuine compliments which we deserved :)

  11. Very true, Raaji.
    You know sometimes the most important things for us arent appreciated by the others because that is what they expect from us. When people expect you to give 100% and you give it, nobody will praise you, if they never expected you to do something and you did this - then it is time when praise comes.
    So next time when you feel you havent been praised, think that people were sure you would do it, it was your level, and that means that they give you higher appreciation even without words.

  12. I donno what to say here!
    they have said it all!


  13. true.. probably life wants us to 'taste everything' :)


  14. u have an award!
    go to my blog!


  15. Hey Raaji,
    Your blog is sooo good! Here it tells me how lucky I am to be young....Every1 sure has his share of sorrow and jo. May Lord bless u with all the joy in this world1
    Nice poem! :D
    I'll keep visiting!

  16. Hi Raaji,
    We don't do things because we expect praises from men. If we do, then we have our own rewards. We don't wait for things to happen. We let things happen in our life. We make our lives as pleasing to God as we can. We make our lives a channel for His blessings to others. That's the real essence of true happiness. That is also the essence of selflessness. We will get our rewards from God Himself when we come face to face with Him.
    Thanks for the very deep post. God bless and have a wonderful and pleasant day always.

  17. u echoed my thoughts:)

  18. you said it all.....

  19. Raaji, in the desert we call life, it is these moments, when we think about the really important things, that we really live! Thank you for this post!

  20. If winter should say, "Spring is in my heart," who would believe winter? [Kahlil Gibran] :)

  21. Very true Raaji,instead of cribbing about what life has not given,why not just be happy with what it has given and is yet to give?

    Pity not all can understand it!

  22. Reaally..Seriously so true..
    me gonna read it again!!

  23. wowww...too many comments/compliments
    very well written.. and
    thanks fr tht poem..
    probably i should stick it up in my room!

  24. Why do we think so much alike? Raaji we are hiumans afterall...iz OK to expect adoration in return. I do always. Btw my new blog now...hope u got my mail.


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