Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What do you think is the best part of Christmas?

For me, it's not in going crazy shopping for friends and family… it's not really in decorating Christmas trees or cooking delicious food or entertaining guests. It's in the coziness of season. It's in the happy faces. It's in the pretty snow.
I especially love singing carols during this time of the year… dancing to the tunes of old Christmas classics. All of those songs bringing back good memories… heart-warming memories.

Remember “Driving Home for Christmas?” I listen to this song almost every time I am traveling home for the holidays.

I have some of my happiest moments with Jingle Bells. Signing it with friends at the top of my voice sometimes sitting in the café, at others on the road at 2am.

Holiday season brings so many goodies. I love the smiles I get from all over. The comforting touches. The smell of burning wood. The text messages and phone calls from friends around the country… I know there are Angels Among Us.

…and then Christmas is about romancing. The cozy coffee dates. The holding hands and kissing under the mistletoe… those endless late night phone calls. Signing “Let it Snow!” sitting by the fire.
.. and All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Of course, this time of the year is about memories. Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart… Need I say more? :-)

So, people have a Holly Jolly Christmas!!

*I am so full of Christmas carols right now… Hehe.

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  1. Hehe.
    the romance part is..hahah

    I dont know how it just is.

    I just love it because(you can say majorly) of the shopping. and ofcourse the happiness you see everywhere...makes you feel warm and cozy.
    totally agreed.

  2. Beautiful post!! loved it!

    Merry Xmas Raaji.

  3. yup raaji .. Christmas (or any festival) is more about spirit and the fun associated .. well I din knew abt christmas dates lol .. haha ..

    well .. last christmas I gave u my heart .. but but .. its also ends well rite .. This year .. I will give to someone special .. :P .. LOL !!

    so well .. enjy d gud times .. enjy d gud times raaji ..


  4. Lovely post... i enjoyed reading it... :)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to u too dear sis:)

    Take care

  5. u've described it very well.. There's no snow in London yet.. too bad huh... eheh...
    Merry Chirstmas Raaji.. cheers!

  6. Hi
    So nice your blog.
    Oh God, finally finish time for crazy shopping for friends and family… Last days was so busy...
    I also love singing carols during this time of the year… All of those songs bringing back good memories… heart-warming memories.

    Maybe you don't speak and write Portuguese, you can visit my blog, because I wrote in english language.

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. God bless.

  7. merry christmas....

    i treat every day as a holiday and last day of the year.....there is nothing wrong in having a new years party every night, is it :)

  8. hmmmmm....
    your plan seems PUrrrrrfect!
    Snowin there in America?? naa ???


    Stay warm besides the fireplace....and have a smile up your face.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. @ Whats in a name
    yes, it is snowing here and so freaking cold :)

  10. merry xmas raaji :)

  11. Hi Raajii,

    We, The People invite you to contribute to the Writers Blend. We would love to read from you. Do please check your mail for the invite, accept and oblige.

    Keep writing!

    We, The People

  12. Merry Christmas season and a happy new year to you!.. Uh somehow, my Christmas has been very different this year..

  13. Wow....nice post. I love the christmas caps, the red ones. Lol.
    I love the winters and the cakes and the gifts and the RED color and yes, the hope it brings.

    Merry Christmas!

  14. Dear Raaji, wonderful creation and have a nice christmas and happy new year my dear

  15. U needn't say nothing now...the post makes it so clear :)

    Merry christmas...get mushy with those carols and the one u want, enjoy !

  16. hope ur havin a wonderful holiday season!


  17. Too bad we don't have a white x-mas here in London..but still enjoyed very much of everything--the shopping,the food,the gifts definitely and the spirit of celebrating by everyone!

    Beautifully said Raajii..

    Have a wonderful new year.

  18. Hi Raaji,
    What a wonderful way to string your favorite Christmas carols in your fantastic post. I could almost hear you singing as I read your post. You seem to have enjoyed your best Christmas. I'm happy for you that you had a wonderful Christmas time. Christmas is indeed a time for celebrations and merry making, and what's the best way to do it than doing it in the company of your most cherished friends. Be happy always and enjoy life. Enjoy the exuberance of youth. After the festivities, it's back again to you grind in school. Enjoy the holiday season. God bless and enjoy the most wonderful days of your life.

  19. hmmmm i had yet another sunny christmas this time and was wondering how we always associate christmas with snow and winter. here in india we don't get the christmassy feeling too much, even in delhi, though i was in chennai. but my home town calcutta is gorgeus during christmas time. i could feel it in the air. i remember shopping with mum and pestering her into buying candies,fortune cookies with mum and the yummy brownies n the plum cakes. sigh!


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