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Saturday, December 15, 2007

As we turn in our last term papers, come out of the examination halls with great smiles ready to run away from the university for the next month, I clean my room, pack my stuff and look forward to very merry, happy holidays. Although the past two exam weeks were awfully long, they were not something I dreaded or would feel bad about. Life is good. It's just a matter of how you look at it. As I go to enjoy this break, I take some memories with me that would never fail to bring a smile on my face:

*Random quotes and incidents during (around about) final exams week. Nov-Dec, 2007*

"If this chapter wouldn’t make any sense to me in another half an hour, as a last resort, I will be forced to take out my bible and start reading it"

In Journalism Class...
Professor: Your meeting stories are due today, you can turn those in now.
(Raajii, fishing through her bag)
Raajii: I cant find it. I just got the print out of the assignment. I know I have it somewhere.
Raajii(bringing out a crumpled piece of paper): Uh-oh!

Professor McCready: Alright, I am going to hand you back your drafts. Make sure you look at the comments. Do come to my office if you have any questions. Remember that you final papers are due on Thursday at 11am.
Random guy: We have a paper to write in this class?!
-On NOT attending the class, perhaps

“Sometimes my mind wanders; other times it leaves completely.”

"Haha… Exams K Time Hi Tum Sahi Kaboo Mein Aati Ho"
- on sympathizing.

Exam Checklist:

Philosophy paper. Check.
Legal Theory Paper: In Progress.
Legal Theory Reading: Check.
Journalism Assignment: Check
Deviance Class Presentation: Huh?
Deviance Class Paper: Oh My God!!!
Deviance Class Exam: Wait till I go kill this professor!
-a check list on the white board. 

"I don't understand why the registrar’s office assign different rooms for finals. Now where is Olin 268? Its like telling the students to go take your final IF you can find it"
-Sociology Professor, on being agitated at new room-assignments.

"Calm down. It's only ones and zeros."

Raajii: I am at a point where I can't even spell 'Constitution'
Sarah (announces): ... and our country loses another potential lawyer :-)
Can you still spell 'Journalism'?
-on career paths and stress levels

"Procrastination is a lot of work... and I work hard!

"Good Luck for your egg-jams...crack 'em! :-)

"This girl actually enjoys studying!!"
-Sophia, looking at Raajii.

"Don't you wish it was just counting instead of accounting?"
-Katie, during an all-nighter

"Oh, this paper is about third world politics. It means I can B.S all I want"
-on politics.

Raajii: Hey buddy, hows are you doing?
Shaf: Frying my brain. I am sure it is going to get burned in a while.
-very stressed out.

"If all else fails, resort to drinking."
- Emily

Raajii: So sunday we are spending the entire day in the library, and this time you are actually going to study.
Meghana: Oh yeah sure, let’s have a SASA study break.
Raajii: Study SESSION not Break.
Meghana: Oh, I am sorry, my subconscious speaks at times even when I don’t want it too.

“Die! Die! Die!”
-Chris, Frantically banging the book on the table, after an all-niter

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  1. lol...if the above ones are actual conversations, then tell me where u study...i wanna join!!!!!!

  2. Wonderful conversations and wishin g you a very happy holidays

  3. i guess now you are able to spell whatever comes to your mind ;)
    Great that all this stress is left behind now :)
    Have a great holidays :)

  4. evntually it turns out wid me too tht exm times are sort of fun times .. cause u get to do a lot of meaningless chats wid ur frndz .. n a hell lot of sarcastic fun ..

    enjy ur holidyz ..

  5. @ the lover,
    yes these are ACTUAL conversations... exams week is such an interesting time... hehe

  6. LOL
    happy hols dear

  7. Hi Raaji,

    We, The People, would love to have you writing for Writers Blend. The theme for this month is 'Human Rights' (do check out the Leitmotif section for more details on what you can write about).

    Do send us your gmail ID on mindscaped@gmail.com (the official Writers Blend email) to receive your personal invite to post to Writers Blend.

    Hoping to read from you soon at the Blend.
    Keep writing!
    -We, The People.

  8. ah.. end of exam period, beginning of holiday session.

    enjoy the holiday!


  9. Happy holidays...when u back?

  10. lolzzz.... i loved reading it all... took me back to my engg days.. it rocked...
    a patent question of mine was "That's there in the syllabus????? WTF!! I'm doomed!!"
    "I'm not studying that.. it's too tough!!"
    and some more i hardly remember!!
    well.. examination times are reallyt he most wonderful times.. sans pressure!!

  11. Take the break and freak out and be back to blogs soon !!

  12. Nice ones :-)

  13. lol!
    i lovs the first quote! by cristie! D


  14. It's wonderful to know that you have already finished your exams. I hope you passed them all with flying honors. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you my friend. May you enjoy the very best of the holiday season with your family and friends. Have a wonderful and sunny day.

  15. hahahahaha it was hilarious!!! man you guys do get your share of laughs even wen studying! hehe

  16. LOL! awesome! :-)

  17. @ Annie.
    I am not going anywhere. In fact I will be blogging more since I am done with exams! Yaay!

  18. DIE DIE DIE... hahaha.. I do that a lot as well :P

    go around killing everything I own youd think :P

  19. Die Die Die. I say that ll the times to my books too. sOmetimes I also rip the pages off.:D

    The best oone spoo far was...erm...lemme fish for it...yeah the mind wandering one. hahah:p

    Eid mubarak btw/

  20. The end of the beginning.... happy holiday!!

  21. hahaha i love these posts, they always crack me up. :)

  22. hahaha thx for the link raaji. some of the comments were pretty entertaining.

  23. hehe.. you've got a good sense of humour.. loved reading it... exams always fill me with dread... mainly coz of procrastination... and i remind myself to start studying ahead, next time. It's always next time.. hehe... anyway, results turn out good mostly .. Hope I'll do good this time... :)


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