Monday, December 10, 2007

December has returned.

After a long fruitless but patient wait, December has returned.
Just as the sun shines after a storm, December brightens my day.
Just like cold winter nights, December makes me shake and shiver.

In the trembling, shivering loneliness, why does December tease me?
On a cold, sad evening, why does December make me cry?
December returned… again.

To make me weave more dreams.... to build castles in the air, December has returned.
But, where are you, my love?
Just like last year, has December come alone?
Without you, barren is December.
Between you and me is December.
I cry and surprised is December…
For me… how worried is December!
Today, my pride is December.

Listen, December...
Please do me a favor.
When you come next year
Come with him.
Bring him along with you.
Please, December.

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  1. Ah!! well December... last year it brought her into my life.. this it's bringing her to me for a while.. and next yr.. :D let's c.. ;)

  2. wow... tht was great..
    its nice to be back.. :-)

  3. Ah December is one cool month, xmas month, lots of chilly days and nights and snow all around, love it...

    and yes its got some memories too!!!

  4. So many happenings in December! I'm so happy and delighted with december...a 4 in 1 celebrations for me..our anni, birthdays-him and me,xmas,eve of newyear..

    Since my birthday is on 31st December feels like the whole world is also celebrating mine..hehehhe<---proud mode:p

    December always a promising month for me and my life!!Celebrations, ohh c'mon!!

    Your poem is lovely Raaji,I never feel tired to re-read it all over again..

  5. well i hope the guy who comes has the name "december" you wont have to wait for a year for him to return :P

  6. Hi Raaji,
    Your December is lonely because you equate it with human relationship and the warm feelings that go with it. Why don't you equate December as a bonding month between you and your Creator and then you will never be lonely when December comes. When our relationship with our Creator is all right, our relationship with our fellowmen including the love of our life will be all right too. Just trust the Lord that He will give you the man of your dreams in His own time and then you will never be lonely again come Christmas time. Merry Christmas in advance. Seek the heavenly values in life and you will never have a blue Christmas, ever. Thanks for the poignant and melancholy poem. Have a nice and warm day.

  7. nicely written...yr exams over? good luck!

  8. Beautifully written. Loved the ronde you created with December. And nice blog. :-)

  9. wah...khoooobsuraaat....

    Raat Baher Meri Palkoon Ke Dhleez Per

    Khawab Girtay Rahay....

    Dil Tarapta Raha....

    Hath Malta Raha....

    Chand Jalta Raha ....

    Yah "DECEMBER" Jis Main Karri Dhoop Bhe...

    Meethi Lagnay Lagay...

    TUM NAHI TO.....

    "DECEMBER" Sulgta Raha ....

    Chand Jalta Raha

    Hath Malta Raha .....!

  10. I like your expressions! :)

  11. there used to be a song of yester years..Come September..This has beautiful lyrics to out beat it..Come December..
    Well done

  12. i agree with Mel avila alarilla, that was a nice comment,hope you will make the best out of this ten days of Zul-Hijah and EID MUBARAK in advance

  13. December...its a month of festivities...month of memories...
    month of old and new....

    have a good one tho...

  14. I had to give a superb rating for this post!
    Awesome words and a splendid pic accompaniment!!


  15. December definitely is cold hearted yet beautiful!!

  16. How did your exams go ?

  17. ah! splendid! :0)
    I loved the way u wrote it! :)

    "A blanket of pristine emptiness
    Lay over a silent world
    Motionless in the center of perfection
    Barely breathing, barely blinking
    Afraid to take a single step
    In fear that I may shatter
    The tranquil balance of my universe."

  18. nice one! :)
    hope this december leaves u with a plesant surprise as it goes towards the start of a brand new year...


  19. ur 'december' brought warmth to this freezing month.
    simple n awesome!!


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