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Sunday, February 06, 2011

It has been snowing a lot lately. The sun came out briefly yesterday but it is snowing again today. I woke up to the flurry flakes gently settling on my window pane. I stayed in bed for the longest time watching them so peacefully covering everything outside. You know, these snowflakes, they don't discriminate. They touch anything and everything with their tenderness. It makes me long for an embrace, a gentle caress and a morning smile.

This is a photo of the view from my window. I couldn't catch all the snowflakes, but you can see some. It is beautiful.

Today is a perfect day for day dreaming, curling up with a cup of coffee, and watching life pass by me. Have you noticed that snow is nature's only phenomenon which in addition to being extremely beautiful actually forces you to stop and look at it? It is all around you and comes in your way so you have to acknowledge it. In a way, snow is nature's way of letting you know that you should give yourself a break, that you deserve a break and the beauty in life no matter how many times you are dumped and rejected and felt like you were no-good. There are signs all around for those who are willing to see.

[I posted more photos of the snowfall during the past week on I Romanticize ]

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  1. Perfect day for hearthside readings. In the labels, you have chosen "About Me" as well :)

  2. Quite a few of my friends and my readers complained that I do not talk about myself much. So I started this "Sunday" series to alley them :-).


  3. it doesn't snow here, but when it's unbearably hot I imagine I'm being hugged by God and suddenly it changes to be enjoyable.

  4. Yes Raaajiii,..snow is a soft and smooth to touched,..but if it is compressed hard, and if its stayed longer in one place it becomes a hard object that even your car couldn't go around due to frictionless in nature...although snow is a headaches in the road way, I still love to play and laydown my body around the area where there are lots of snow...love to see your nice pics. friend Raaajiii


  5. @Whatever
    honestly, I'd take snow over heat any day :P

    @ Windel

    You are right. It can be a pain in the butt but whenever it is, I remind myself that I need to be patient, and taking things a little slowly once in a while wouldn't hurt :-).

    Glad to know you enjoy the snow too!

  6. :) Beautiful picture, Rajii. I live on the equator, so no snow for me..

    Happy Chinese New Year to you! :D

  7. hmm snow is beautiful like everything its good till snow fall lasts .. then it becomes a nightmare the aftermath and all ..

    beautiful pic there ...

    every day is perfect depends what we do with it :)


  8. Amazing picture <3
    I wish It snowed where I live! (sadly, im in the desert :( )

  9. I'd rather have the snow than the wind. Nice picture :)
    And I love snow till it turns into slush and/or black ice.

  10. thats a really pretty pic! makes me wanna curl up with hot chocolate..

    and yes, Kajol gave birth to her second child few months back and still has to lose her pregnancy weight:-)

  11. Beautiful picture!
    I love your last line, the Quranic verses spring to mind where God keeps reminding mankind that there are signs scattered everywhere for people who understand.
    You write wonderfully :)

  12. Looking so lovely, Raajii... soft and lovely. :-)

  13. Hey Raajii,

    I came to ur blog yesterday, read ur post but couldn't comment on it...Macro Monday. I loved the picture...amazingly shot. Once again nicely written post all about snow & its reference in our life.

    "Today is a perfect day for day dreaming, curling up with a cup of coffee, and watching life pass by me." wish i could have said that too...but it never snowed where I live. But had an awesome weekend & good start on monday after reading ur post.

    Have a good day...

    Keep on writing, continue spreading happiness & keep smiling. Take care

    Anonymous known Stranger.

  14. The pic is beautiful. I personally hate the cold, but I'd love to be frolicking in the snow sometimes :). I like your philosophy that snow is asking you to take a break and soak in the beauty for a change.

  15. Very wonderful picture and coffee in snow. Loved the idea :-D

  16. Perfect post for a perfect day! :)

  17. i'm finally back from my chinese new year break! i would love to experience having snow in front of my windows. from the way you described it, it sounded so cozy n comfortable, i would be lovely to join you for that cup of coffee!

  18. I also like to talk with the others nature's children as birds, dogs, the wind, the sun, the moon, the stars. If had snowflakes here obviously I would love to have a chat with them too. Even with my cup of coffe I like to talk when I'm incredible lonely, you need to try it in one of these days :D

    I like to talk with all of them because, well, somedays they are the only ones able to hear me and give some good advice, as the snowflakes to you! :P

  19. loved the thought :)

  20. Reminded me of my time in Minnesota. :)
    Lovely post.


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