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Monday, January 31, 2011

Today is a good day.

The more it gets cold outside, the more I love it to be cozy inside: lots of pillows, some framed photos, nice lighting, many books, and a lovely cup of coffee.

Everything is so sad, and so beautiful.

And I've been daydreaming lately – about picnics on the beach, flower hair-bands, ice-creams, and golden sunlight. While sipping my special blend of coffee, I tell myself that my time is just around the corner – that all the wrongs will turn into right very soon and I will smile from my heart.

Some Sundays it all feels like a load of crap, while on other days I convince my tiny heart to smile briefly.

Today is one of those days.

Today is a good day.

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  1. Wishing you more good days :)

  2. aww... thank you Nomi :-). I try.

  3. Hey Raajii,

    Monday morning is back & I am back to office...I open ur blog but couldn't find a new post...I was little sad. I thought to return back to see if u have posted sumthing...n here u r with some good thoughts.

    Sunday is always one of the special day of the week but sometimes it turns out to b the worst. Specially when we make plans & they r ruined by sum1..Dats exactly what happen yesterday with me. I had plans & got it all ruined up...but ur lines again made my day...

    "I tell myself that my time is just around the corner – that all the wrongs will turn into right very soon and I will smile from my heart."

    Today is a good day.

    Tnnx for ur lovely post & once again u really made my day.

    Keep on writing, continue spreading happiness & keep smiling. Take care

    Anonymous known Stranger.

  4. i'd love sundays if it weren't for the fact that they are followed by mondays :P

    nice one raaji... keep on day dreaming!

  5. i love what you wrote! you are right, better days are definitely ahead of us, waiting to be discovered. do what you do best, enjoy the moment, even if it is sadness. for you never know what tomorrow will bring! :)

  6. Dear Anonymous known Stranger,

    Your comments make my day too. I look forward to them.

    Perhaps you made the wrong plans at the wrong time? Perhaps they were with the wrong person?
    Life seldom goes as planned but that's the beauty of it too. We would never be surprised, and there would be no excitement if things went according to plan :-).

  7. I too wish you more good days!

  8. It takes a lot of courage to smile when you are sad. I m glad you're doing well at it.

    Could you please teach me , too?

  9. Sundays give me a hard time! Then I start looking for excuses to call it a good day..this post spoke for me..

  10. I love good days, days like these are indeed good.
    You just have to feel it..

  11. Looks like it was a good weekend for just about everyone I know :)

  12. Well thats life i guess and BIG is the person who can smile at times when they are sad .. wish i can

    I genuinly wish you have many many many goood days .. take care and SMILE :)


  13. @ akanksha

    It is hard. It is a struggle everyday. But you have to keep yourself together, because the best is yet to come, right? :-).

    I am sure you will do just fine :-)

  14. Picnic on the beach is not yet good for todays low temperature my friend,..but sipping a cup of coffee as what I am doing is so wonderful while reading friends blogs....nice to meet you Raajii,..I am new to your blog site and I enjoyed reading it...thanks

  15. @ Windel

    Thank you for stopping by. I hope you like what you read :-).
    I know its not time for picnics but thats where the daydreaming comes in, you know :-). Someday, I will get to go on a picnic too. Someday my time will come :-)

  16. Yeah friend Rajii, I like it and I think I'm gonna digs some of your blogs since the way I read every title of your blogs, it seems like it taught knowledgeable to every readers like me,.... and yes you may include the long beach in Calif. for picnic during summer...thanks for your response...friend Rajii.


  17. Hieee there to Raaji's heart - You got to smile briefly every moment :)

  18. Hieee there to Raaji's heart - You got to smile briefly every moment :)

  19. @The listener

    Thank you. That made me smile :-)


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