Life Is Funny (3)

Monday, October 29, 2007

*funny quotes and incidents with friends*

This class was a religious experience for me... I had to take it all on faith."
-Sarah, on passing her physics course

"Right now I disagree with myself."
-Raaji, confused & arguing

Have you ever fallen asleep in class and woken up in another? That's the way I felt all term."

Raaji: Just make sure you keep your mouth on your own face.
K: Haha, I'll try my best.
-On seeing a cute guy who happens to be my friend's crush

-Raaji, right before running into the bench while shrieking outside class

I'm sorry, I'm new to this planet."
-Mike, sleep-talking

Raaji: Because it is less heavier than that"
Ian: emm... Less heavier? You mean "lighter"
Raajii: umm... right.
-On word choice

N: Hey, how can you say NO to a pretty girl who is asking you for dinner?
Ab: But the pretty girl is not for dinner!

Ab: tick, tick, tick, tick, tick
Raaji: tick. tick. tick. tick. tick.

"I wonder if a snail has ever woken up in his shell and got stuck, then thought 'uh-oh.'"
-Michelle, deep in thought

"Take twenty aspirins tonight. You'll feel better if you wake up."
-Raaji, in an attempt to get rid of the migraines

"If they take out 'one nation under God' in the pledge, I think they should change it to 'one nation under Canada, above Mexico' ."

"See, what people don't know is that I will hit them."
-Raaji, while driving as a car pulls out in front of her

Prof: So if you want to write about heterosexual deviance, then you can talk about those... err... what do you call them?
Raaji: Male-strippers?
Kyle: Chip 'n Dale
Kyle: (hiding his face) how do i know this? No I do not know this. Oh, god, I do not know this!

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  1. lol...nice post...

  2. ha ha ha!!!.... hilarious..grt 1 :)

    tk cr
    :) :) :)

  3. do have sense of humour-British English, humor-American English..

    May I have some biscuits instead of the cookies,perhaps some chips or french fries!!:p

  4. the last one is so hilarious:D

  5. Hi Raaji,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your very nice comments. I like your two blogs, they're so homey with that distinct feminine touch. I like your articles about humorous exchanges. Thanks for the wonderful post. I enjoyed it. I will be linking you with my blog and I hope you do too with mine. Thanks again. Smile always. Have a nice and pleasant day.

  6. I have one to add :)

    Why does Bush keep saying
    "God Bless You and God Bless America" - casue he knows he screwed up big time and needs all the blessings he can get.....

    Nice banter though - like I say there are lives nuances - if you enjoy them life is a happy journey no matter what

  7. LOL nice ones!

    **I'm sorry, I'm new to this planet."



  8. Hillarious....


  9. lose and loose.... oh boy and today is gre day. This is a sign. I am soo gonna bomb this test.

    Anyway, nice conversations, I remember doing something similar...PAH..something EXACTLY THE SAME a long time ago.

    its no longer on my blog, took it out for editing. But you can read it here...

  10. btw, the quote that dan left... one nation under dog..

    Thats a robin williams quote. He was talking about a cure for dyslexic people.

  11. Really funny at times ;)

    "I'm sorry, I'm new to this planet." - thats the one i loved most, feel the same way sometimes :D

  12. Hey this one is nice one.

    Nadir: Hey, how can you say NO to a pretty girl who is asking you for dinner?
    Abhay: But the pretty girl is not for dinner!.

    I liked ur every posts. They r so touching. Thanx 4 writing.

  13. Lolz. Really hilarious!!

  14. lol @ the conversation betweeen u and nadir! :D

    peace & love

  15. lol..great stuff. i like the one when mike was sleeptalking. lol!

  16. lol!! gurl, u definitelygot ur "funny bone" in place :p
    i especially loved this one--"see what ppl dont know, is i will hit them"...

    keep grinning !! :D
    Life is so much better that way...:)

  17. I Swear...

    whats wrong if it was too. lollzz



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