Life is Funny [34]

Monday, August 13, 2012

 For your entertainment, following are a few conversations with the wonderful people in my life... :-)

Upon leaving a mutual friend’s place…
F: If I leave something here, you can bring it right?
S: It’ll be easier to sell it up on eBay… you can buy your stuff from there.

Professor: Yeah, well, you kids may be Democrats now, but you'll be Republicans when you get older.
Karen: How do you figure?
Professor: It's simple: Republicans are cold-hearted bastards and Democrats are total morons. Do the math.
-Timeless political wisdom from the classroom

"Grammar is the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit."
--English Professor

During a road-trip (on the interstate)
Raaji: Do you know why this traffic is moving so slowly?
S: Because, some jackass in the front is doing the speed limit.

While explaining the tactics of persuading a client…

Meg: Well, in your folders you have a lot of things that you will show your clients which will help you get them on your side. The first one is the statement of support. If that does not work out then you go to the background research page, and if even that doesn’t work out, you turn to what I call the "Oh shit" page. This is the research that will definitely put the client on your side.

American Politics Professor: Do you know what FDA is?
Raaji: Yes, the Food and Drug administration
Professor: Yes, it is the governmental department, which determines how much rat poop can go in our food.

This is not fair! This is so not fair. They just have an unfair advantage over us! Not cool.
I know why you are falling for him. Its the accent, right?
- On American vs. British accent. The friend shall remain nameless

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  1. ROFL :D ... Raajii your professors are the best ! :D .. you must love them :) ?

  2. I really do have some great professors. I have been very blessed :-)

  3. Superb Raaji! Loved reading them! My fav is "Grammar"
    I remember during my 2nd or 3rd grade, I made spelling mistake in grammar - wrote it as Grammer, and my english teacher asked me to write them 100 times :(

  4. hahaha....

    Still laughing over your professor's rat poop comment... :D

  5. Very well compiled, loved all esp raat poop

  6. Glad they are making you laugh :-)

  7. Professors are all alike I conclude =P =D


  8. Can't stop laughing! Awesome post!

    There is a little something waiting for you, at my blog. Come pick it up, dear :)

  9. Here it is -
    delivered to you :) Check out!

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