Autumn's Sorrow

Friday, October 26, 2012

I never really understood why autumn is associated with sadness. Perhaps it is the uncertainty of the season.  We don't know if summer has ended of if winter has already begun.  It is the in-between and most of us don't do very well with it (more on that later).  Most of rather us would rather be in the glitters of summer, or under the covers of winter.

For me, October has always been the most inspiring time of the year. Perhaps because I like life like that - fully open, ready for me to take it on - naked to the core. October allows me to see what things are really made of. No more hidden tree trunks under millions of leaves that have lost their identity in the green.  No more flowers that all look alike. No more trashing the water of the sea, no more hiding under the snow. 

Fall is when everything is raw and visible. Fall is when you see what the tree is really made of, and how many colors in the leaf really make that green.  Fall comes raw and natural. It doesn't hide behind sunscreens, and snow-cones. It doesn't cover itself with holiday lights.  What it does is strips us of all the pretentiousness, and let us face our raw emotions. But people don't like that.  Perhaps that's why they think it's sad. Why would we ever want to face how we really feel, who we really are when it's so much easier to pretend feeling happy under the mistletoe, and put on a fake smile on the beach.

Perhaps, that's why I like fall. It's no nonsense. It strips me down to my core. Challenges me to be one with myself.

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  1. This was beautiful. And so glad I'm the first reader today! :)

  2. October is the best month of the year, as most of the festival falls in..

  3. For me, fall is a sign that winters would be here soon. I am a winter person, so for me, fall is hope.

  4. "Why would we ever want to face how we really feel, who we really are when it's so much easier to pretend feeling happy under the mistletoe, and put on a fake smile on the beach." I liked this line very much for it reflects the truth.

  5. For me too, Fall has always meant that winters are going to knock soon :)

  6. blessings....
    it is the change, people are resistant to it.

    it is always what it signifies, ending - the leaves change signalling death. Though it always means rebirth and new beginnings in light of what we know is to come, the focus remains on the dying.

    stay blessed.

  7. Autumn is my favorite season too. It reminds me of what once was and of what is yet to happen. It is the time when life sustains without all its embellishments... and you realize that there is only this much you need to live.

    You don't write as often Raji?
    God Bless.

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  9. for me autumn always leaves a very beautifull impresiion...

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  11. @Rajesh

    Thank you for your comment. I do, but I haven't been coming around to blogging that much lately, and I really want - I just have to find a way to fit it in my schedule.

  12. Superb writing...I loved reading it !

  13. Hello Raajii.. I have been reading your posts since 2 days..and each one of them have left me in awe.They are short..crisp and to the point.I found myself nodding to every sentence of yours.. its like ..I have known it all along,but never thought about it .. or a very new perspective.. or simply true.

    You are an amazing writer..and your thoughts are just "wow" . Keep writing !

    1. Aww, thank you. Comments like these make me want to write more :-)


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