Life is Funny (2)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

*Interesting conversations and incidents with friends*

"Do not touch without my express permission or I will beat you until cheesecake comes out."
-Written on the note stuck to the cheesecake in the fridge.

Courtney: Hey guys, look at the dead bird!
Megan and Erin (looking up): Where??

"I know everyone in here is saying, 'Things are going to be different this semester! I am going to stay on top of my work and get things done,' but we all know that's a bunch of crap!"
-Professor, on the first day of class

"I'm really good with numbers... except for math."
-Raajii, on her strengths and weaknesses

"My hot is heart and it's BURNING FAST!!"
-Allison, mildly drunk

Katie: To do is to be.
Sally: To be is to do.
Raajii: Do be do be do.

Josh: Martina’s gone insane.
Caitlin: Martina’s sane??!!

Mike: Did you know there are only seven Friday's in Japan?
Crystal: Wait... how many days in a week do they have?!!
-Dining at Friday's (restaurant)

"I tried to figure out the probability of me staying awake in class, but I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to finish the problem."
-Tom, applying statistics to real-life situations

“Ok you might have fabricated, you might have been using supplements. But never say you are a liar. That sucks. It's a bad bad word."
-Journalism Professor, lecture on quoting people for articles.

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  1. hey nice one buddy, btw are u the one in black frock ki maroon shirt.. i guess the black frock ? is it ? :)

  2. @chinmai
    No I am the one is brown shirt and white skirt. Right in the front :)

  3. humorous mate . :-)lol

  4. hey..

    nice one that was..
    these little moments can keep pain at bay.. if we learn to enjoy them..

  5. Great to see some humor :). You are too sweet honey!!!

    Keep laughing........

  6. "Do be do be do"
    This one's the

  7. Reminds me of my school days. Funny stuff lol

  8. Nice one :)

    Hope you're well.

    Take care

  9. :-D hey! nice read :-) loved the dead bird one

    thanks for the comment btw :-) I agree its not a gud approach, and that he has a right to treat the girl that way. But, as u said, its an unfortunate realty :-)

    Tc! Keep visiting :-)

  10. :)

    Hahha that was hilarious

  11. haha.
    this was funneehh

  12. girl.. tht was sooooo hilarious!! hahahaha.. my monday blues are gone - well, at least partially! :)))


  13. Hehe...risible post!

  14. ahaa.. great enuf..i see the creative raaji right here.. tho miles away .. .. great going buddy...keep writing ur creative write ups..

  15. heeheehehehehehee
    Have fun! :)

  16. hahhaha lol! your posts somewhat keep me sane

  17. Lolzz... that's cool. Reminds me of my uni days especially as a freshie when we had to study statistics ...hehehe

    Keep rocking!

  18. hahaahaa!!! that was awesome. look at the dead bird....:)

  19. Do be do be do.

    huhu haha

  20. Absolutely hilarous... You reminded me of my college days. Your "Do be do be do." was the most hilarious one.... just cant stop laughing. You really have a great sense of humour. Thanks raaji, you really made me smile. You keep smiling buddy. Take care.

  21. :D :D Bwahahaha :D
    Hahaha :D

    O did I mention Hahahaha?

  22. Good one!Friends with a sense of humor are priceless :)

  23. Would you please tell me something?


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