Life Is Funny (4)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

*funny quotes and incidents with friends*

"You were offered the world and you turned it down."
-Josh, after Raajii refuses to take a shot of Vodka

Justin: Hey how was your midterm?
Sarah: Well, I may not have been raped, but I was definitely molested.

"Sometimes you open your mouth and stupid just fall right out."
-Laura to Raajii.

"Damn, if this CD doesn't play I'm gonna throw my car out the window!"
-Meagan, frustrated and stuck in traffic

"Hey! Hey you guys! Turn your syllable level down."
-Zak, distracted by loud noise and literary emphasis

“OK quit it. It's about time you un-insane yourself.”

Amy: He can be nice when he wants to be.
Laura: I'm sure Hitler had his good days too.

November 2, 2007
Faz (feeling Violated): Wait, they are doing it to us? Why are they doing it to us?
Rishav: Let them do it to us
Ceal: Yeah we do it to you and then you do it to us
Faz: Oh no, dude, it would look bad if you do it to us
Abhay: What the fu*k man, I dont care if they do it to us. Let them do it to us
Shaf: I like it when they do it to us.
Faz: Ok, do it to us.
--on Dance moves, while practicing.

Natasha: So we are 7 girls but it seems like someone is missing. We are 7 girls, right?
Raaji: Yeah, we are 7 and we are all here
Natasha: Wait, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Where is the 7th one? Who are we missing?
Oh... me.

November 3, 2007

"Oh Shit! I didn't mean to throw it at you. It was just a gesture.
The law of momentum just took it out of my hand. *Pause*......Stupid Physics."
-Faz, on explaining why the piece of chicken got out of his hand and landed on his friend's skirt.

Amy: Where's the broom?
Chris: Why, are you going somewhere?
-Chris, on transportation

"It's like what the government has done in the past 100 years. Take from the reds and give to the blacks."
-Chris, explaining Circle of Death

"Hey you gotta do what you gotta do to avoid doing what you don't want to do."
--Mike, on procrastination techniques

Nasr: Raaji, I can tell by the way you are eating this ice-cream that you are depressed"
Raaji: huh? I am not depressed!
Nasr: See, denial is the first sign of depression.
Raaji: *roll eyes*…. *looks away*
Nasr: ... and hiding is the second sign.
Rishav To Nasr: have you been reading that suicide brochure?
Nasr: yeah
Rishav: see I knew that!
-at dinner table

Raajii: Can we take off our skirts now?
Girls: huh?
Raajii: Oh, I mean can we change now?
--wanting to change into comfortable clothes after practice.

“Shut up or I will square-root you!”
--Raajii, on getting frustrated with money and math

“Yeah, it's like killing one bird with two stones… oh I mean two birds with one stone”

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  1. he he..

    A cool one... HAppy Diwali, btw.

  2. haha...good one as usual...
    heres wishing u a happy diwali and lotsa such fun times and loony remarks ahead :D

  3. lolzzz.......... u really managed to crack me up!! :D

  4. hey, you truly made my day!
    thanks a lot for sharing :)

  5. ha ha!good ones.happy diwali :)

  6. hehe
    i like the way you look at matter what occurs it can and is always funny if you can it that way.....

    cheers !!!!!!

  7. Good sense of humor Raajii..

  8. Wonderfully enjoyable,the smile never dropped off my face even if I wanted..(this one too u can add in the list )lol

  9. hahaha funny as usual



  10. "Justin: Hey how was your midterm?
    Sarah: Well, I may not have been raped, but I was definitely molested."

    Now thats an answer! lol!

    peace & love

  11. hahhahahha lol
    amazing post im almost on the floor... :P

    btw im linking you...i hope u dont mind?

  12. :D lOL!!! ahhaha
    made my day too

  13. hohohohohohooho.......

    this one was damn cool n amusing...
    loved these...!!!

    in btw..happy deepawli...

  14. @ everyone
    I am glad I am able to bring a smile on your faces, with the stupid things we say and do :)

  15. That's awesome. Vodka is the best pick

  16. hahahaa!!!! too funny! :) i love these posts...

  17. Hi Raaji,
    You really got a fine sense of humor. Keep it up. It will lengthen your days on earth. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Happy people are healthy people. Thanks for the zany post. Smile always. Have a wonderful and fun filled weekend.

  18. Hey...i am feeling soooooooooo good to come back here...missed u sooo much all these days.

    The post was rocking as usual!!!! but reading that...i m missing ma friends...:-(

  19. Amy: Where's the broom?
    Chris: Why, are you going somewhere?
    -Chris, on transportation

    the bestttttttt


  20. hahah

    its ALWAYS fun reading these....

    the "do it to us" one cracked me up..

  21. hahahaha.. cool!


  22. Ah been there done that, went there again and repeated, many times...times now over.

    Enjoy these times :)

    Great post enjoyed it immensely!



  23. Lolz. You and ur friends surely have one hell of a fun time. :D

  24. SO Raajii, can we take off the skirt? hehehhe....

    p/s oopssss luckily I'm wearing jeans now..tehehehhe!

  25. hahaha
    brillainttzzz... :D :D

    loved the instant
    "humor" of the "senses" :P :D

  26. ha ha! loved the skirts bit.. :P

  27. im sitting in bed at 4 30 in the morning cracking myself up to these.
    these are HILARIOUS! keep em coming :)


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