Life is Funny (6)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The long awaited quotes are here :-)

*These are real things said and done* Enjoy!

"There's something strange about letting an old white guy molest you considering all the stuff about priests molesting children."
-Chris, after his physical

"Well some of the stuff I have not seen, so we are taking a chance here."
-Professor Lee, on showing a video in class off of the internet.

At 2:30am... walking in the neighborhood…
Raajii (kind of sleepy & looking at a house): Why are there shot glasses lining the porch of this house?
Abhay: Wake up! They are candle holders, possibly for Diwali. Not shot glasses.
Raaji: Oh... right.
Other two friends: *Laughs*

"I don't like vegetables on my salad."
-Tracy, picking broccoli off of her salad

"Wow, Man! I really, really didn't think that was going to happen."
-Raajii, after punching a mirror in a shop and breaking it

"Tum harr waqat mujhe pitwane k chakaron mein kiyon rehti ho?"
Why you are always up for getting me bashed up?
-Om, on complaining to mommy

Chris: How do I know anything really exists?
Raajii: Kick it *really* hard.

"I got the black of spades! I got the black of spades!"
-Laura, losing in drunken poker

"Some people go to church, like, religiously."
-Sera, on over-worship

"Hell! I have $20.50 in fines at the library! That's the last time I try to read a book!"
-Molly, realizing that she takes twice as long to read as everyone else

"Be careful because methylene chloride will kill your liver, and you need to save your liver to be killed by more enjoyable beverages, as I'm sure you're aware."
-Biology Professor, just plain getting it

That is not true. My boyfriend brought so many girls home and they all loved me. Oh, I mean...
My brother... my brother brought so many girls home :-)
-Emily, on defending her social skills.

Raajii: Dua kero na main achi bachi ban jaon
Om: tou kia tum itney salon se mujhe se jhoot bolti rahi k tum achi bachi ho
Dhoke Baz larki :-D

Look! We are going 5 miles an hour. *Pauses* Oh, look we are going up to 8mph now….
Oh look its 20mph—oh, now we are dangerous!
Oh my gosh! Look its 35 now... this is way out of line. Please forgive me God, for I have
-Stephanie, stuck in traffic and VERY frustrated.

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  1. funny if u cum 2 thnk of it that how many funny lines are uttered randomly by us, esp wen v r wid frnds:)
    nice list!!!

  2. n btw...I love ur template:)

  3. have been laughing at all of em!!! :D espcially loved the shot glasses and the traffic scene! (can so relate to both!)

    :D awwsum!

  4. lolz.. good one.. loved the shot glasses and vegetable in salad one.. :) and something like achchi bachchi happened with me too :P

  5. LOL!! good ones!! diwali after shots seems quite convincing!! :-))

  6. "That is not true. My boyfriend brought so many girls home and they all loved me." - That was phunny!

  7. haha finally....liked it as always :)

  8. absolutely funny:D

    achi bachi;)

  9. haha hilarious!!
    esp the last one.... :p

  10. hahahahahha!!!!! i adore ur frenz!!!!

  11. these are your best natural posts hehehe :D

  12. :). Cool! I read your posts and enjoy them. I added you to my blog roll.Let the ink flow..

  13. :D

    Isn't it interesting how humour can be found almost everywhere, yet sometimes, nothing is funny?

  14. i really love this "we can be funny at times" series !!!

    vegetables on salad,Dhoke Baz larki ,over worship are the best lol and not to forget the last one "over speeding" hahah :P

    hope to c the next episode soon:)

    really nice post

  15. "Some people go to church, like, religiously."--- LOL

    this is what my boss said yest at a team lunch..
    "im 8 years old... 8 years old in the bank that is"

  16. how come I always find the misplaced object in the last place that I look for..

    Nice collection of funny quotes!

  17. its rly amazin to hav so much humour in day-to-day livin.. n to remem n post the same is classic.. loved the last one as alwys..


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