Life Is Funny(5)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

*Real incidents and Quotes from people who are a part of my life*

“Funerals are like family reunions, minus one.”

"Well they said that washing your hair with egg was good for it, so I did it, but I used hot water and I ended up with like scrambled egg in my hair."
-Chelsea, proving oh-so many things

Ashley: Raaji you missed the fire
Raaji: What fire?
Ashley: Joe burnt the pop corns, so the fire alarm went off and we all had to leave the building
Raaji: The one time my hall gets into trouble and I am not around to witness it
Nishan: Look at the kids playing while mommy is gone :-)
-making me question my RA abilities

"I don’t drink. All my chemical imbalances are natural"
-Joe, on drinking.

Alec: I think you're bleeding.
Amy: Bleeding what? Blood?
-Proving that she is BLOND!

"I would NEVER let anyone come in my eye; it would get into my contacts and ruin them. And those bastards are expensive."
-Caitlin, setting some standards

"Times New Roman is a FONT!"
-Chris, sleep arguing

Shaf: oh my god, I have so much physics homework, I don’t know how am I going to finish it.
Raaji: dude, I have 4 chapters to MEMORIZE!
Raaji: Its ok, we are both in the same boat
Shaf: ...and its sinking!!!
-on ending up in the same boat every time

"People I become anti-social after 7pm"
-Marissa, overwhelmed with her work

Jess: especially when we got axed... AND taxed... those really hurt
Faz: Yeah.. they made axe then we axed it and later we taxed it. That was awesome :-)

Faz: This is a fine example of what happens when there is no alcohol provided to
University students on a weekend night.
- recalling last night's intense scrabble game

"Alright, let's end this torture."
-Sociology Professor, keepin' it real at the end of class

*Raajii jumping around with energy.*

K: Try the decaf next time.

Cristina: how about we do this saturday morning?
Raajii: Saturday has a morning!?

"They took my bag and I had everything in it. So, I didn’t have my cell phone, my organizer, my iPod or my alarm. I was totally devoid of technology... and I felt naked!”
-Emily, for the love of technology :-)

Deb (making a face): you got an internship in Canden?
Rob: Don't worry, I am in the better part of Canden
Amy: There is a better part of Canden?
-on crime notorious places

Faz: See I am a genius. You guys owe me big time. In fact, SASA owes me, MCOP owes me... you all owe me
Well that is a little arrogant
Raaji: I am glad you recognized that.
Faz: know... I think I am humble enough to recognize my arrogance

"We are doing some high level philosophy here if you are with me now. I don’t know if that makes you feel better about yourself or not but that’s what’s going on"
-Professor Priess during a lecture.

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  1. LOLZZ!! how you guys come up with all this?? HEHEHE
    that was so funny bleeding what?blood lols!! hahahaa

  2. hey that was quite funny raaji :)

  3. :) made me smile...

    I am sure I have been thru many of such times...but my memory fails later on...

  4. Bleeding? What Blood!?


  5. hahaha....that bleeding comment was worth quoting and i also have a whole new level of respect for ur friend caitlin hahah

  6. you hav to be really observant and it goes without sayin that u have a godawesome sensa humour!


  7. LOL! That was a good one, Raaji!

  8. Hi Raaji,
    Cristina: how about we do this saturday morning?
    Raajii: Saturday has a morning!?

    Lolz...this one had me in splits :D

  9. and a freind this evening decided to say... "i am my brother's brother!" :D

  10. @ ani
    haha...that is just hilarious... i should add it to the quotes? :-)

  11. Alec: I think you're bleeding.
    Amy: Bleeding what? Blood?
    -Proving that she is BLOND!

    lolz...well in abundance of blod jokes..this one still makes me laugh...nice blog u have here buddy...exxlet template..look like u have spent a long time..:-)

  12. hmm .. its quite good of you that you write all that stuff down here .. cause there are a lot of moments when while conversing frndz come up with awesome lines and stuff .. I just dont rem that later .. specially when they are required ..


  13. Ok this was brilliant...ROFL :))

  14. heh heh. Loved most of them.
    The first one was too ouch.
    You sure know some interesting people.

  15. that was Hilarious as always! :D
    hehe! u have quiet a funny gang of friends! :D


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  17. gosh!! u alwys have me in splits with these..... :D

  18. God, they were amazing!
    I always love reading these posts of yours where you bring out these statements :D

    Made my day :)

  19. Think about it....really hilarious!
    The good thing is, you remember all of them!!:)

    Big hugs*

  20. lol...really really funny...

    for me the best was "does saturday have a morning" true for me...i never know a saturday morning...

  21. hey i am blogrolling you...

  22. “Funerals are like family reunions, minus one.”

    That's quite a quotable quote!

  23. What a funny days of your college time..It will never come in future......Really you enjoyed a lot and I wish you enjoy more

  24. ROTFL!! This is hilarious!

  25. Hi Raaji..I've tagged you with this simplest ever tag:

    I bet you'll never see one as simple as this..

    Take care and have a gr8 weekend!

  26. hehehee!!! i love when u write these! :)

  27. hehehee!!! i love when u write these! :)

  28. funny..witty

  29. hillarious...mommy is gone..blood...saturday has a morning:) lol

    made me go to the university days:)

    yar how do u remember all dis rajaa?

    or i guess my memory sucks big u knw na:P


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