Life is Funny [31]

Saturday, November 12, 2011

 For your entertainment, following are a few conversations with the wonderful people in my life... :-)   

"You guys! I just saw a shooting star! Oh my god! There it is again!"
-Emily, drunk and pointing at lightening bugs

E (while looking at a map): Where is Arkansas?
Raaji: You are looking at the map.
E: Yeah?
Raaji: That's Arkansas
E: Where is it on the map?
Raaji: You are looking at the map of Arkansas.
E: Oh.

"I can't handle my own mind. I can't turn me off!"

Alex: This is so hard, I need a drink to get through this.
Wes: I am bringing it to class. Nowhere in the syllabus does it say "no alcoholic beverages allowed".
Katie: That's what I've been saying for weeks!
-On consensus

"I was born on my birthday"
-Raaji, in an attempt to avoid answering the when-were-you-born question.

While playing scrabble,
Megan: Noon. Is that a word?
Raaji: Yes.
Megan *looking at the board*: But it's upside down!

"I know this is very complicated but do what you need to do to make this work. Take anger management classes, do drugs, take a few shots before you come in here or whatever you need to do to get through this semester."
-Law professor, on statistical regression.

On the phone...
Raaji: It is getting colder here. How is the weather there?
Steph: I don't think it has made up its mind as to what the hell it wants these days.
-on temperature fluctuations.

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  1. shooting star..hahaha

    loved it :)

  2. i tried going for your short stories.

    but links are not working. I guess.

  3. I was born on my birthday.

    Haha, I think I'll use this one xD

  4. Ditto Areesha.
    and, I liked the last one. =D

  5. Blessings.....
    some pretty funny and duh conversations but i guess life is filled with many of those.

    stay blessed.

  6. I love 'Life is Funny'. Your conversations are just so crazy and funny! :D

  7. Raaaaajiiiii!

    Second conversation is so ME :D I am like that with some so obvious things <3

    *loved this post, missed some friends*

  8. :) Nice post to read on a Monday morning!

  9. A nice collection of funny anecdotes! Really enjoyed reading!

  10. Ha conversations.

  11. Glad you all like these :-)

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