Life is Funny (22)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Real life incidents and quotes from the lovely people who are a part of my life :-)

“Standby, I’ve had a few drinks.”

Pooja and I were discussing the ending of the movie Inception right after we watched it and asked Stephanie for her opinion. She came up with a totally original idea: 'It means that this movie has ...a sequel!'

On the phone....
Raaji: Hello?
Faz: Hello?
Raaji: Hello.
Faz: Hello.
Raaji: Hello!
Faz: Helloo!
Raaji: HELLO!!
Faz: Yeah, any time you want to move past the hello stage.
Raaji: Jerk! I thought you couldnt hear me!

Marvin and Raaji talking on the phone one late night, Raaji going on and on about something, Marvin replying with an occasional, "hmm" or "ahan". Then Raaji realizes,
Raaji: Aww, you are tired right?
Marvin: Yes, very much.
Raaji: Aww, alright dear, I will let you sleep then.
Marvin (in all seriousness): Thank you.

Sorry, I am too busy. I cant use my brain at the moment.

At Philly airport, a guy was complaining at the help desk because his plane was late.
Man: But I have a First Class Ticket!
Employee: First Class or Economy, the plane leaves at the same time!

You are only supposed to ask me questions that I have the answers to!
-Criminology professor during a discussion about elections and criminal behavior.

Faz (sort of angry): I just realized I am a jerk!
Raaji: FI-NA-LYYY! :-P

And this one is an absolute classic:

"No, I do NOT want to be on your mating list! Oh, I mean your mailing list.
-Stephanie, talking to an advertising agent on the phone.

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  1. "First Class or Economy, the plane leaves at the same time!" -- good one! haha !

    and yes, the last one is priceless! XD

  2. Awesome collection.
    Had me laughing all along, specially the last one, a gem!

  3. i've been tired on the phone at times, but the girlfriend is usually too excited to realise :)


  4. "...a sequel"

    I agree its an absolutely original idea, plus who would have thought on this angle.

    Hehehehe veryyyyy funny

  5. Haha, the last one was too good. Hilarious!

  6. "Sorry, I am too busy. I cant use my brain at the moment"

    how cute..

    last one is icing on the cake (lol)

  7. hahahaha.. cute one!


  9. LOl i just love these funny quotes make my day always :)

  10. Thank you :-). I am glad all of you are enjoying these :-).

  11. :-) I hope you are not busy:P

  12. @ Zeeshan
    Hehe... right now I am not. But you never know with me :-)

  13. You've got intelligent people around live in interesting times :)

  14. Mating list!!! ROFL!!!

  15. Sorry, I am too busy. I cant use my brain at the moment.

    >> LOL :D ... mind if I use that some day ? there is no copyright i hope :P

    and "mating list" !!! ROFL :D

  16. He he!! Hilarious !!
    But, u noe wat, a lot like dis happpens wid every1.. But, u've made a crisp summary of all of it.. COOL.. Liked it. :)


  17. @ Ali

    I suppose you could.

    @ Raviskharan

    Yes, I like to keep track of these little but very important memories. Glad you like them :-)

  18. haha!!
    Loved the last one..
    these are the things that make friends so priceless.. :)

  19. @ Jo
    Absolutely! And this friend is definitely priceless :-)

  20. I am in love with "life is funny" keep bringing em hehehe :)

  21. SДНІВZДDД7:29 PM

    Lol :) I liked the Phone conversation you do with Faz. I do this too when other friends talking to me on the phone and if I have nothing to say. I just say; oh yeah, acha, yeahhhhh and blah blah. hahah

    So cute:P

  22. I loved the first one!!!! :-)

  23. mating list??? hahahahaha

  24. the ones between u n Faz and U n Marvin are hilarious...but last one is the best:D lollllllllllllll

  25. *smiles*

    You should never leave their company man! ;)

  26. ha ha!!! loved most of it :)


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