Life is Funny (27)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For your entertainment, here are a few conversations with the wonderful people who are a part of my life... :-) 

I am from here. I speak three languages: English, bad English, and profanity.
-W, during a conversation about languages.

Emily: needs to learn how to respond to a bitchy co-worker in German...any tips?
Mark: Middle finger?

While preparing for an interview:
“So after the interview, I will ask them about my price... Oh I mean my salary.”
-Marvin, Keeping it real

"Hey, do you guys smell that? It smells like burnt fire!!"
-Emily, on flame redundant situations

"I LOVE honey nut cheerios, I could eat them all day all night and whenever. Boys need to taste like honey nut cheerios.”
-Sera, while eating honey nut cheerios straight out of the box.

Terry: I have a whole honey dew in my room chilling for three weeks.
Jeremy: Oh, its probably alcoholic by now.

So this is my little spiel about why you should care... in addition to the fact that, dammit! I control your grades
-Poli Sci Professor, explaining why statistical regression is important.

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  1. The Best

    Emily: needs to learn how to respond to a bitchy co-worker in German...any tips? Mark: Middle finger?"

  2. honey dew to alcohol?
    nice collection..

  3. honey dew to alcohol?
    nice collection..

  4. Good ones.............

  5. *LOL* :D
    I love these series!

    The middle finger one had me laughing! :D

  6. made me laugh each one of them and oooops some slip of words there ..
    its funny jsut how one word changes the whole sense of the sentence ..


  7. Made me laugh out :) Loved it x

  8. Liked Emily's joke!
    Total ROFL :)

  9. honestly... did you sleep him?

  10. @ Sami

    haha... geez, Sami! :P

  11. this comment is for the previous post 23..
    i didn't want to disturb the 23 23 comments thing ;)

    belated birthday wishes friend
    and yeah only few days back i saw a movie 'the number 23' - a thriller...




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