[5] Sunday

Sunday, October 09, 2011

It's a Sunday in a small town. It's a crisp morning with the smell of cinnamon in the air. There is some sort of clarity that comes while living in a small town which just wouldn't come if you are in the city. The sun is shining bright and all I want to do is take a walk along the beach, make eye contact with strangers, and grab coffee from the local bakery.

Some Sundays are like that. Peaceful and serene. Some mornings you wake up and somehow you have a better sense of yourself. You have figured some things out that you weren't really sure you would be able to. You had a few epiphanies in the wee hours of the morning which gave you a better sense of self. I think that's one of the most important but most underestimated things in today's life: Knowing your own self. You can't really do much if you don't know what you want out of it. You can't really expect anything from anyone unless you know what to expect from yourself. But it seems like we just don't have the time to reflect on ourselves. No time to figure out how our actions effect others or the world in general. We are just running. Running to God knows where. No wonder we are all messed up.

I am just thankful for a Sunday like today.

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  1. Having not one but a few ephipanies in the wee hours is a stroke of luck that does not come by easily.Lucky you are and great is your writing

  2. jus had the same musical sunday yesterday...!!

    small town..yep i exactly know what u mean..!!

  3. busyness is the new lazyness. Were all too busy to take the time to figure out who we are, and what it is thats really important in life.

  4. wowow.. true such days dont come often but true they are good in a small town rather then a big one with all the commmotion


  5. Feel this here right now Raji:)

  6. Life has become so busy for everyone that we lack those precious moments for contemplation. Even then, being in a big city amidst all the hustle and bustle, you can't really think.
    Well written =)

  7. Thank God for the busy life that makes us value such Sundays. :)

  8. Those precious peaceful moments, make a BIG DIFFERENCE! I can relate to this:)


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