Life Is Funny (18)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In my attempts to spread some smiles, following are real incidents and quotes from the wonderful people who are a part of my life...  :-)

On securing a scholarship to graduate school, Julia's dad to her:
"My wallet will love you forever!"

Tabahi jee tabahi!!
-Saira, complimenting Raaji's photograph

Sarah: Wow... its huge!
NR [looks down at his crotch]: Well, thank you.
-I was talking about the hat!

"You're telling me bro? On Saturday, I stopped at a stop sign and waited for it to turn GREEN.... I need to stop smoking this shit."
-overheard in class

Looking at a postcard...
Frank: We couldn't publish this one.
Raaji: Why not?
Frank: Because it seems like this one has drawings that are Disney copyrighted. We called the lawyer and faxed him the postcard. He called us back and said, MICKEY MOUSE WILL SUE YOUR ASS!!

"Oh baby, body heat works the best. We are going to live the green way. You know, play our part for the environment." 
-Shan, while charming a woman. 

"I happen to like rabbits... especially the white ones."

The following took place some time around 2am....
Rachel: Well, if no one wants to drink then why are we going to the bar?
Shaf: I dont know... picking up girls [*winking at Marvin*]
Rachel: Well if thats what you want to do then wouldn't the fraternity house be a better place to go to?
Marvin: No, there isn't much quality there.
Rachel: You mean the townie girls are better than college girls?
Marvin: No, its more like they are drunk so you cant really do much with them.
Rachel: But isn't that the idea to pick up a girl at 2am? You get the girl, go in and out and get done with it.

[*Both guys look at her*]

Rachel: Oh...No, No, Noooo, that is not what I meant. I really didn't mean it that way. Damn!
-As Ted Mosby says: nothing good happens after 2am.

“Am I in the men's restroom AGAIN?”
-Natasha, first she gives 5 men in the restroom angry looks and then realizes that she is the one in the wrong place.

Raaji [on her train of thought]: Yeah... sometimes it leaves the station before I get back.


"I know you want me... You know I want cha!"
Shaf, singing to his cheesecake
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  1. He he he. Loved the stop sign one. Great read!

  2. Cute, made me smile!! :)

  3. i cant believe u have so many of these!!!

  4. really funny...
    loved to read it....
    visit my blog for my new poem...

  5. LOL!
    Loved the stop sign one.
    These are always great to read, really puts a smile on the face :)

  6. @ Smiley

    I cracked up myself when I heard that. I was sitting behind them and both the guys looked at me and said, "you did not hear anything" - I laughed even harder and gestured the zipping-my-lips to them :-)

  7. ohh !!!
    so u can't read my poems..
    no problem..
    i'll keep visiting you....
    liked your blog..
    keep it up..

  8. I guess this post is the best one in your funny quotes series.

    Frank and 2Am are just really really funny

  9. hahahaa.... cutely funny indeed

  10. funny indeed!! :P

  11. u have some funny friends!!

  12. haha a good laugh indeed!

    how are you raaji?

  13. hilarious!!! visiting your blog after a long time! how have u been

  14. Hahaha.
    The last one is awesome. :p

    It's amazing how this series has become a lovely part in the lives of so many of your readers, Raajii. :)

  15. @ Warm Sunshine,
    I am glad you are enjoying this :-). I could be better but cruising along :-).

    @ Purva,
    good to see you back. I hope you keep visiting :-)

  16. u did it again..
    very nice..

  17. LOL...its difficult to pick the fvrt!!..but you sure have funny friends ....oh..nd you too are funny :P

  18. hehe Prakhar.... Thank you. I Shall take that as a compliment :-)

  19. i love your sense of humor and mashallah you have great friends :D

  20. very funny indeed. specially the hat one

  21. lucky to be around such funny people :D..i liked this post!

  22. overdose of cute!


    Take care.

  23. lol @ the one who talks to the cheesecake :D
    Funny funny!

  24. @ Annie

    Wah... app aye'n mere blog per :-).
    Thanks dear ;-)

  25. LOL!!! Too good! :)
    I always love it when u write these funnt posts! :D

    My blog Runaway Bride is now invite-only(for obvious reasons) Wanted to invite you, please leave your email in the comments section of my other blog or write to me at


  26. awww... perked me up totally!

    Thnks for puttin tht up, God knows i needed smiling!

    Oh, i came across a few comments of urs back at my blog sumtym ago, wondered if u'r still bloggin.
    Great to see active bloggies!

    do keep smiling! ;)

  27. Hey Raaji;

    so late long absence seems a chronic disease!

    been to my teenage kids' place for 10 days you know, where net connection is not possible!

    you made me smile of a dad whose wallet would forever love his daughter in grad school scholarship! every parent wishes that...lols...especially me!

  28. @ Amity
    Yes, I figured that from your blog :-). But I am glad you are back and now you can relax :-). Glad I could make you smile.

  29. ROFL..
    "wow its huge", "restrooom","in the bar" and "the stop sign" are the ones i liked the most...superb:)


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