To Mom, With Love.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

It wasn't an easy task for her - I was not easy. I remember, she remained occupied with me all the time. She'd hug me, kiss me, watch cartoons with me. Make me french fries and we would have picnics in the backyard. I was the center of her world.

There is only one woman we see who has such beauty, charisma, and style. There is a woman, a captivating lady of such grace. A lady with all the love in the world to give. This exquisite human being has this heart, this enormous heart that is almost as big as her smile. Oh, and her smile can not only melt our heart, but fulfill our souls with such warmth and pleasure. Her eyes, her remarkable eyes. They show the impeccable strength and courage she depicts every day. They reflect all the triumphs and the strife she has encountered in her life. You see, this woman of such admiration is no other than your very own mother. That is correct. The barer of your being.

And my mother... she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.

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  1. awww a wonderful tribute - did she read this?

  2. She hasnt read it yet, but I am thinking of sending it to her :-)

  3. such a sweet post :) I so agree with what you have written. My mom is like that :)
    Happy Mothers day.

  4. Nice tribute! Loved the way yo have expressed yourself in words!
    Mothers are really really special.Shower them with lvoe and affection, everyday, not just on mothers day!

  5. Very beautifully expressed. Im sure she will like it.

  6. That was beautiful..Happy Mother's Day Raaji :)

  7. Awww...that was really sweet woman!
    Raaji's mommmy must be really proud of her kid. ;)

  8. When mother teaches us the beauty of love, when mother leads us to the beauty of life.... we start to see the beauty of this world and our world becomes the beauty of our mother....the ultimate beauty of love ...Mother...
    a real tribute to your mother raaji..
    well expressed :)

  9. so sweet :-)

    happy mothers' day

  10. no words to write..
    heartful thanks mum..

  11. naaice.:)
    and I had a fight with my mom on mother's I didnt even blog.I repent for being mean.
    loved Your post.:)

  12. @adrija

    aww... now that is just sad. Why would you fight with your mom on Mother's day? You have to make up to her.


  13. this is so cute..If I can do for my kids even half of what she did for me, I will consider myself a good mom:-)

  14. my mom passed away 5 years back but still i feel herself standing by my side.
    nice writing.

  15. yeah, moms are the best!

    happy mom's day to ur mom dear...and u have an award in my place, pls collect!


  16. @ Heavenly Muse

    I am sorry for your loss :-(. But I am glad you cherish the memories.

  17. every mother is great in her own way......coz shes d one who can do anything for her children without giving even a first thought....


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